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Our Approach

At Harrison Financial Services, our expertise and proven processes are key to integrated financial planning and wealth management performance. We understand that wealth management is more than accumulating wealth - it’s about being family-oriented, multi-generational, and supportive of your community. Our unique approach incorporates every component of life, including health, family, legacy, friendships, finance, and spirituality – all tied together in what we call Life 360. As your ­financial stewards, we work closely with you to understand every aspect of your life, ensuring a holistic approach that supports your goals.

Proven Process graphic

Our proprietary, proven process takes you step-by-step through a clearly defined path to help you reach your life goals.

Step 1: Making introductions and sharing the HFS value proposition enables collaboration and mutual understanding

Step 2: Gathering pertinent information establishes a foundation on which to build a comprehensive wealth management plan

Step 3: Establishing recommendations and a detailed roadmap provides clarity to move forward

Step 4: Optimizing plans and reviewing solutions articulates vision to reach your goals

Step 5: Coordinating account transitions and transmission of personal documentation enables plan implementation

Each step of our proven process is audited with HFS Review - a proprietary measure that ensures accuracy and an exceptional customer experience.